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How Mortgage Lenders Treat New Build Homes

How Mortgage Lenders Treat New Build Homes Written By: David Steinfeld I have had a lot of questions from realtors and their clients regarding the way mortgage lenders treat purchasers of new build homes in Ontario. There are some key points that are different for new builds than existing ones that I would like to point […]

Stop Wasting Time Bookkeeping!

Stop Wasting Time Bookkeeping Written By: Neal Winokur Small business owners are very busy people. Trying to make time for sleeping, eating, exercising, and spending time with family and friends, in addition to running their business can be very exhausting if not impossible. It is absolutely crucial that every small business owner utilize the advances […]


CONTEST: WIN A MENORAH YOUR HOLY LAND STORE is giving away a beautiful silver plated Menorah to one lucky winner, just in time for Chanukah. Here is the information below: TO BE ENTERED INTO THE DRAW (You will need Facebook) Here is the information below: 1) Join THE EVERYTHING JEWISH TORONTO Facebook Group (If you are not in my […]

The Opera Man- Adam Sandler

The Opera Man- Adam Sandler Written By: Brittney Waxman Adam Sandler is perhaps one of the funniest actors and filmmakers of our time. There is always a reference to Judaism in many of his movies, and he has created some of the most classic films that we have all watched over a dozen times. Sandler’s […]

Mindfulness: Do your thoughts need supervision?

Mindfulness: Do your thoughts need supervision? Written By: Suzy Rosenstein, MA, Master Certified Life Coach Do you practice mindfulness? The concept that your thoughts need supervision is something I learned in Thomas M. Sterner’s book, The Practicing Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in your Life. It’s all about mindfulness and it’s a powerful concept at […]

I Love You Man! Paul Rudd

I love you Man! Paul Rudd Written By: Brittney Waxman Paul Rudd, also known as Paul Rudnitzky, is one of Hollywoods most popular Jewish actors. He is mostly known for his roles in Clueless, I Love You Man, This Is 40, just to name a few. He was born on April 6th, 1969, in Passaic […]