Dating Jewish In Your Mid-Twenties

Dating Jewish In Your Mid-Twenties
Written By: Jennifer Stallman

Dating can be tough. Especially when you are trying to date in the Toronto Jewish Community.
After two agonizing years of meeting people, and dodging out of a lot of terrible dates, I was able to find my now husband on JDate. This was nine years ago so I am slightly out of the loop when it comes to dating in the city.

I wanted to know what the dating trends are like today. Luckily I have a girlfriend in her mid-twenties willing to answer my questions. She has asked to remain anonymous, so we will call her Kayla.

Me: I know you are relatively new to the dating scene after getting out of a VERY long term relationship 1 year ago.
So tell me do you use JDate to find dates?

Kayla: No I’m not on JDate. I think that website is now for an older crowd as most people around my age use dating apps.

Me: You are leading me into my next question. Are you on any cell phone apps? Why do you like them?

Kayla: I have been using Bumble and Tinder. I actually have found a number of Jewish men on these apps. I love the apps. I have a bunch of cute men at my finger tips and whenever I find time I get to go on some exciting dates. It’s a lot of fun playing on the apps.

Me: Have you tried Speed Dating?

Kayla: No I have never tried Speed Dating. It’s an interesting concept though.

Me: How about using a Jewish Matchmaker?

Kayla: I have never used any matchmaker service.

Me: Would you let your friends or family fix you up with someone?

Kayla: I’m not at a point in my life where I’m looking for a serious relationship. I’m not opposed to one day being set up but right now there is no need to involve anyone else in my dating life.

Me: What’s the weirdest date you’ve been on?

Kayla: I try and screen all the guys that I go on dates with pretty well so I’m not stuck in any weird situations.
One time, a guy “catfished” me. He completely lied about his job, stating he was in product advertising for a big corporation. It turned out he stocks this product on grocery store shelves. He didn’t look anything like his photos. And to top it off, he was late for the date!

Me: Any suggestions for those looking to date Jewish in the city?

Kayla: Go out and meet people through friends. Get social. Join a Jewish sports team. Speak to Jewish friends and hang out with their friends. Find Jewish events! Go travelling and find where the Israeli hostels are.

Me: Thank you Kayla for your input!