Stop Wasting Time Bookkeeping!

Stop Wasting Time Bookkeeping
Written By: Neal Winokur

Small business owners are very busy people. Trying to make time for sleeping, eating, exercising, and spending time with family and friends, in addition to running their business can be very exhausting if not impossible. It is absolutely crucial that every small business owner utilize the advances in technology now available to streamline their business processes as much as humanly possible.

Neal Winokur is a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CA) who, as a small business owner himself, understands very well the challenges of running one’s own business. He prides himself in helping his clients transition to and take advantage of cloud based accounting software that automates much of the bookkeeping process. Instead of spending hours and hours entering in piles of receipts manually into an Excel spreadsheet, business owners can now use different online cloud based programs that automatically download all debit and credit card transactions. With one click categorization of expenses, it is very easy and efficient to spend a few minutes weekly or monthly instead of hours. Receipts can be scanned in using apps on one’s phone, invoices can be created and sent directly from one’s phone or tablet. These programs really do save a lot of time and money as bookkeeping and accounting fees decrease; it’s a win-win as the work becomes more efficient for both accountants and their business owner clients.

If you are a small business owner and want to learn more about paperless accounting, contact Neal Winokur, CPA, CA at for your free consultation. He runs a modern, innovative accounting practice geared towards young professionals and business owners who have not been served well by traditional larger accounting firms. The established larger firms have typically not been able to modern accounting software. Neal also makes himself very accessible and available by way of Facebook messaging, LinkedIn messaging, texting, and e-mailing. His new YouTube channel features brief, informative and entertaining videos which are geared towards young professionals and young entrepreneurs. It is very important to continuously adapt to new technologies and if you are a business owner who is clueless about accounting and tax, then visit, watch the videos and then schedule your free consultation.
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